"We value and acknowledge our past, and will empower future generations by respecting our Elders, our Noongar People and other cultures”

We will at all times embrace and promote our Noongar Nation’s business through:

Respect: to recognise and build on our strengths, history and traditions within our communities.

Inclusivity: to enable and encourage diversity among and within our Noongar Nation and other cultures.

Trust: to lead and support a culture which values and applies honesty, openness and accountability.

Economic sustainability: identify and build on our human, natural and physical assets through a planned, managed and monitored business approach to governance and operations.

Partnerships: to build positive relationships with all of our members, communities, stakeholders and employees.


To achieve the above, we must all:

  • Do justice to the past and serve the future
  • Support Noongar People and Culture
  • Focus on effective and meaningful outcomes for the Noongar community
  • Deliver the highest possible level of governance and service