Our Board of Directors help manage the overall annual budget and broad policy matters. The Board appoints the Chief Executive Officer, who manages the organisation on a day-to-day basis. The CEO reports directly to the Board. The Board is not involved in staffing matters or the day-to-day running of SWALSC.

  • Ballardong Director 

Mr Michael Hayden Jnr e: director.ballardong@noongar.org.au

  • Gnaala Karla Booja Director

Mr Dean Wynne e: director.gkb@noongar.org.au

  • South West Boojarah Director 

Mr Jack Hill e: director.swb@noongar.org.au

  • Wagyl Kaip / Southern Noongar Director

Chair Person Ms Jeanice Krakouer e: director.wk@noongar.org.au

  • Whadjuk Director 

Mr Gordon Cole e: director.whadjuk@noongar.org.au

  • Yued Director 

Mr Brendan Moore e: director.yued@noongar.org.au