The Noongar People will be visible, recognised, respected and heard throughout society and in their communities of interest.

We will create and sustain a community vision connected to the future. Our elders and young people will work together. This is their commitment to sharing our vision and outcomes.

Our traditional law and custom will enable families to negotiate and gain interest in the lands and waters.

As a united body, we are committed to and will:

  • Deliver “our vision” through an outcome-focussed approach.
  • Maintain, protect and value our Noongar culture.
  • Empower our nation to create positive change through social, cultural, economic and political strategies.
  • Promote a safe and healthy Noongar Nation.
  • Foster innovative practices to build a sound, economical and sustainable business.
  • Deliver quality outcomes for our Noongar People by ensuring an accountable, transparent and structured corporation.